Add Greens and Fats to your Smoothies:

  • The traditional smoothie is a mix of fruit and some form of milk, which tastes delicious, but isn’t always the most filling or nutritious. Add a handful of spinach or kale to your blend and enjoy the additional nutritional properties like fibre, iron and calcium for your diet.
  • Add avocado for a thicker and more filling smoothie. Fats keep us fuller for longer and avocado is one of the healthiest options available.

Use Flax Seeds or Flax Seed Oil:

  • Added to your cereal, sprinkled on top of your fruit and for only an extra 55-65 calories, this nutty-flavoured seed instantly helps you reach you recommended daily intake of omega 3’s.

Begin your Day with Protein:

  • If you follow a plant-based diet, a lot of work has been put into producing protein powders that can be added to your smoothie bowls, oats or porridge to kick start your day with a super-powered breakfast. If you are not a fan of powders, adding some beans or legumes to your morning meal might seem strange, but is a sure fire ways to start your day with a great range of nutrients.
  • If you have time for a cooked breakfast, opt for salmon instead of bacon. Bacon is, whilst delicious, full of saturated fats, trans-fats (the bad kind) and preservatives. Smoked salmon is a good source of protein, with more than 15 grams in each 3-ounce serving. It also contains B-complex vitamins, as well as vitamin D, magnesium and selenium. Salmon is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Prepare your Breakfast in Advance:

  • If you have absolutely no time in the morning to sit and have breakfast, then it might be time to get proactive and utilise any time you have the night before work or over the weekend. Overnight, quinoa oats are a super easy and healthy option for those who are time poor. Just add half a cup of quinoa oats, chia seeds, coconut milk and some berries to a jar and seal it up. When you are leaving the house in the morning, just grab a jar on your way out! They can be stored for a few days, and are completely customisable.