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Local Australian Brand, ORGRAN, Launches the World’s First Range of ‘Free From’ & Sugar Free Cereals

Everywhere we look, sugar reduction has become a trend of increasing significance around the globe.

We have seen governments around the world discuss the implementation of a sugar tax and watch as the alarming rate of obesity and diabetes climb to all-new highs.

With that said, we have also been witness to a rapidly changing landscape of increased awareness among consumers as to what we are putting into our bodies. As such, the conscious effort to reduce or eliminate the amount of sugar in food and beverage products has been a responsibility for manufacturers across the board.

Taking centre stage of this global movement is local Australian brand, ORGRAN, who have recently announced the launch of their new Sugar Free range, which will be available in all independent supermarkets and health food stores across Australia this month.

With their comprehensive range of breakfast and bakery offerings, ORGRAN’s plans to provide a wider selection of ‘free from’ and sugar free products over the coming years has not only set an example for the health food industry, but delivered a much needed solution for consumer demand.

Accredited Practising Dietitian and CEO of Be Fit Food, Kate Save, has also commented on ORGRAN’s new range, identifying that ‘one of the biggest issues facing our food supply this decade is the amount of added sugar in our food.’

‘With the all-new ORGRAN Sugar Free range you can rest assured there is no hidden sugar and products are high in protein too’.

Now available in Sugar Free Acai & Coconut Cereal, Sugar Free Matcha & Coconut Cereal and Sugar Free Cacao Cookies, you can rest assured that all ORGRAN products come with the guarantee of being gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, egg free, yeast free, GMO free, nut free and vegan.