Project Description

ORGRAN All Purpose Cake Mix is a light, buttery formula developed to be used as a base for your favourite creations.

  • Freeze/Thaw stable to allow for batch, bake and freeze.
  • Recipes with and without dairy are provided for:
  1. Butter Cake 1kg = (24 pcs x 85g)
  2. Banana Cake 1kg = (24 pcs x 85g)
  3. Orange & Poppy Seed Cake 1kg = (24 pcs x 55g)
  4. Carrot Cake 1kg = (24 pcs x 110g)
  5. Cupcakes 1kg = (26 pcs x 35g)

Available in 10kg box or box of 6 x 1 kg for convenient 1kg batches.