Let’s get personal…
It all began in 1984 when two brothers with a keen interest in health and nutrition began experimenting and producing alternative grain pastas. As little tackers, many aspects shaped the brothers’ interests, particularly their parents originating from a small rural village in Italy where it was necessary to grow and harvest their own food, including various grains, vegetables and medicinal herbs.

Using only 100% natural ingredients, the knowledge acquired from growing, harvesting, storing, preparing and utilising such ingredients intrigued the brothers. Fast forward to today and in just over 30 years, ORGRAN® has developed into the world’s leading manufacturer of alternative grain, allergy-friendly health foods catering to special dietary requirements.

From humble beginnings, ORGRAN® has made history in pioneering the gluten free and allergy friendly food industry into what it is today. With one of the most complete and recognisable ranges of ‘free from’ foods in the globe (maybe even the universe!), the company is committed to providing ongoing support for individuals with dietary requirements, food intolerances and allergies.

Sustainability for future generations
ORGRAN® is dedicated to maintaining an environmental policy that highlights our commitment to protecting the environment across every facet of our business. This includes manufacturing products with absolutely NO animal derivatives. We like to keep our cuddly, and not so cuddly animal pals safe, so we endeavour source ingredients from suppliers devoted to sustainable farming practices. A sustainable footprint is maintained by participating actively in earth and environmental conservation in our daily actions.

Currently exporting to 69 countries (plus!) worldwide, ORGRAN® has an extensive range of over 80 allergy friendly products distributed to people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds who enjoy our pastas, crispbreads, premixes, baking products, cereals, biscuits, snacks and more!

Trusted Nutrition
At ORGRAN® we firmly believe trust is earnt.
From our family to yours, ORGRAN® is a trusted brand for many people around the world. Our Safe Quality Food Standard (SQF) certification has the vision to be the single most trusted source for global food safety and quality certification. This certification proves that ORGRAN® produces, processes, prepares and handles food products to the highest possible standards. Our dedicated allergen free facility, leading innovation capabilities and Safe Quality Food Institute Mission aims to deliver consistent, globally recognised food safety and quality around the world. Not only are we all ‘round good folks but we genuinely care for our extended ORGRAN family around the world.

Our Commitment
ORGRAN® products are free from all major food allergens and are the most complete range of gluten free and allergen friendly foods in the world. ORGRAN®’s products are gluten free, wheat free, egg free, dairy free, yeast free, nut free, GMO free and soy free. Our products are also vegan, kosher and a variety of our range are also ‘Tummy Friendly’ to support those who need to avoid garlic, onion, pea flour and fructose.

From our family to yours, we make sure ORGRAN® has something for everyone and continues to be The Taste You Can Trust.