With a new year, comes new food trends! 2018 will be packed full with flavour experimentations and many alternatives to traditional foods and beverages! To kick off 2018 we’ve listed the stand-out food movements that may surprise!

Floral Flavours
Your drinks and dishes are going to bloom this season with the addition of colourful edible flowers and floral flavours! Keep an eye out for elderflower and rose flavours, especially in your mocktails and lattes.

Gut-Friendly Food
With an ever-expanding wealth of information available to us we are becoming a lot more health conscious, particularly of our guts! Fermenting, pickling and preserving foods is the way to go for 2018, allowing us all of the boundless belly benefits from Kimchi and Kombucha and other probiotic packed foods and beverages. Along with the increase of gut health awareness, foods that are Tummy Friendly are also on the rise. Our Tummy Friendly range is not just gluten and fructose free, but also made without onion, garlic and pea flour. These ingredients have all been identified as ingredients to limit or avoid as part of the Low FODMAPs diet.

Plant-Based Foods
For those wanting to cut back on meat and dairy, there will be plenty of plant-based options available. From plant-based burgers to nut milks and yoghurts, many can be mistaken as the real thing!

Tea bars have been breaking their way into the market with the sales of green and other herbal teas rising. It is predicted that tea will triumph over coffee in 2018 with a range of floral flavours also integrated into the mix to create specialised flavours.

Super Powders
This trend is well under way and will definitely continue through to 2018. Consumers are turning to super powders such as matcha, cacao, turmeric powder, spirulina and many other varieties to get their daily boost of health benefits.

Root-to-Stem Movement
With an ever-growing concern surrounding food wastage, expect to see once discarded parts from fruits and veggies to take on a new form in your dishes! You might see carrot tops as garnishes, pickled watermelon rinds as snacks and broccoli stems in your stir fry!

Puffed and Popped Snacks
Due to new extrusion methods, you’ll surely come across popped and puffed foods such as pasta, quinoa, flavoured rice, peas and even seaweed!

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