ORGRAN’s SuperGrains Range brings back the nutritional qualities of ancient times. Supergrains such as Quinoa, Buckwheat and Millet known for their nutritional properties are incorporated within our the range. These grains provide superior nutrition compared to modern mainstream grains.

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Quinoa is one of the more popular SuperFoods around today and with good reason as it has many nutritional benefits for your body.

  • Quinoa contains all 9 essential amino acids making it a complete protein.
  • Quinoa is a good source of vitamin E, phosphorus, copper, magnesium and zinc.
  • Quinoa is a good source of fibre.

A diet that contains Buckwheat may assist in reducing the chance of developing high cholesterol and high blood pressure. However there are so many more benefits to Buckwheat such as:

  • Provides a large number of essential nutrients including Vitamins B1, B2 and B6, potassium, magnesium and zinc.
  • Buckwheat is a rich source of fibre.
  • Buckwheat is high in protein.

Chia seeds are tiny black seeds from the plant, Salvia Hispanica and grows natively in South America. Chia seeds are prized for their ability to provide sustainable energy; however they have many more benefits:

  • Provides protein, calcium and zinc.
  • Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants.
  • Chia seeds may assist in regulating bowel functioning and assist with the strengthening of teeth and bones.

Millet is more than just an interesting alternative to the more common grains as it is a good source of some very important nutrients including copper, magnese, phosphorus and magnesium.
Millet may help:

  • With digestion
  • Lower cholesterol

When you think of super healthy greens, kale is often the first to spring to mind. Kale is loaded with all sorts of beneficial such as:

  • Excellent source of Vitamins A, C, E, K and various B vitamins.
  • May assist in digestion, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • Rich source of minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium and iron.
  • Contains all nine essential amino acids.
  • High in dietary fibre.