Whether you are following a gluten-free diet as a result of coelic disease, gluten sensitivity/intolerance or gastrointestinal upsets, it can often be difficult to find safe and nutritious options when dining out.

Following a gluten-free diet should not stop you from enjoying a healthy meal outside of your home, however there a few steps to consider prior to ordering!

Fortunately, many cafes and restaurants have an array of gluten free options available that are often highlighted on the menu. If this is not apparent, don’t be hesitant to ask the staff for gluten-free options. Opting for a meal that seems to contain no gluten may be misleading, as it is often hidden in components that we least expect it to be (sauces/crumbs/marinades etc.)

Always make the staff aware of your diagnosis. Make them conscious of the idea that all wheat, barley, rye, oats, flour, breading, soy sauce and teriyaki sauce must be avoided. This not only ensures your safety, but also makes it easier for both the waiting and kitchen staff to ensure your meal is prepared and served with no gluten. Remember, knowledge is power, so the more you are aware of the types of foods you can/can’t eat, the simpler it will be for others to support you.

A few things to consider:

  • Gluten free isn’t always healthier. Choose meals that predominantly contain lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and legumes.
  • Be prepared to eat something that isn’t your first choice.
  • Research your restaurants – look up menu’s online/call prior to booking and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.

Healthy Gluten-Free Meal Ideas:

  • Basil, Spinach and Almond Pesto with Orgran Buckwheat Spirals.
  • Grilled Chicken and Green Apple Salad with Celery, Toasted Walnuts, Light Mayonnaise and Orgran Quinoa Croutons.
  • Grilled Salmon dusted with Orgrans Gluten-Free Flour accompanied by Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus.

Kate Save: Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Diabetes Educator and Personal Trainer