5 Uncommon Superfoods to Get you Super Charged!

Avocados, blueberries, broccoli; the market is jam-packed with nutritionally charged superfoods we all know and love.

But for those of you looking to add some more variety to your diet, we recommend you give these vegan friendly superfoods a try.



Despite its name, this tiny nutrient-charged treat isn’t actually a nut at all! Tigernuts are small root vegetables, also known as tubers. Native to the continent of Africa, these FODMAP friendly tubers are extremely high in fibre, vitamin C & E, calcium and even contain high levels of good fats! Try having them as a snack, mixing them with your favourite desserts or let it soak in water for a sweet, nutty milk.

Jerusalem Artichoke

Similar to Tigernuts, The Jerusalem Artichoke is not truly an artichoke (are they trying to confuse us?!). This root vegetable can be used as a potato substitute and can be consumed raw or cooked. Accompanied by high levels of potassium, protein and iron, we recommend you put your culinary skills to the test and cook up a plate of these fabulous veggies roasted, sautéed… or fried, if you’re feeling a little more daring.


If you’re looking for a natural energy kick, you’ve found it! With an increased popularity in recent years, Maca root is high in various vitamins and minerals. From protein, fibre and vitamin C, to iron, potassium and vitamin B6, this nutritional powerhouse is easy to mix into your smoothies, cereals and porridges. We also suggest you try adding it to your baked goods and bars.


Ever head of a Wattleseed latte? With the all-natural, roasted coffee aroma of this humble seed, it’s definitely one to add to your list!

As a widely used ingredient among the Indigenous population of Australia for more than 40,000 years, this versatile seed is popular in cake mixes, dampers, mueslis and granolas. If you’re still not convinced, rest assured this powerful superfood is rich in protein and fibre!

Camu Camu

This little Amazonian packs a huge vita-punch! Containing 60 times more Vitamin C per serving than an orange, Camu Camu is fast becoming a popular antioxidant. High in protein, potassium, magnesium and valine, an essential amino acid, you will likely find this superfood in the form of a powder due to its intense sour taste. But don’t let that put you off, try a teaspoon over your cereal, smoothies or yogurt.