The holiday season is fast approaching, bringing with it the irresistible temptation of mouthwatering, succulent meals, delectable desserts and tasty treats.

Quite often it can be difficult to avoid certain foods during this time of year, which can quickly unravel the progress you’ve made with your health and diet in the months already passed. Take a look at some of our tips below to help you stay fit and healthy during the 2016 festive season.


1. Say ‘no’ to treats.
It is okay to splurge now and then over the holidays as it is a time to celebrate. However, try your best not to overindulge everyday to avoid facing a long list of New Year Resolutions!


2. Snack wisely.

Christmas shopping can often take hours to complete over a number of days and you are likely to be left pretty famished. While the food court may seem like the most convenient option, snacking on unhealthy items like fried foods will leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. Try heading to the shops on a full stomach or pack a few healthy snacks like fruits and nuts in your bag to help fight temptation.


3. Always keep hydrated.

Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, New Years Eve. Holiday festivities often lead to drinking, so it is important to listen to your body and understand your limits. Try to restrict yourself to two drinks and alternate with glasses of water to save yourself from a pounding headache the next morning.


4. Focus on the fun, not food.

Food indulgence can often be the cornerstone of many holiday celebrations, which can lead to over-eating. Enjoy your meals with your friends and family, but remember to get up from the table and spend time pursuing other activities. Play some games, decorate the Christmas tree, throw on some carols, encourage others to do the same.


5. Don’t buy, bake!
Store-bought treats can be packed with all sorts of sugars, fats and preservatives. Save your waistline, as well as your budget, by baking your own Christmas goodies. Replace some of your baking ingredients with these options below:

  • Substitute Sugar for Stevia or Vanilla Extract when baking cookies, cakes and brownies.
  • Butter can be exchanged for Avocado Puree or Bananas in most baking methods.
  • Switch out Full Cream Milk for Coconut Milk for a lighter, healthier, vegan option.
  • Switch out Eggs for Chia Seeds (or Egg Replacer Mix)


6. Prepare.
The holidays are more often chaotic and busy before they become relaxing and enjoyable. With shopping, gift wrapping, planning your days and visiting relatives, we are often left too tired to cook. Spend a day or so preparing a few healthy meals and stock them in the freezer for those occasions when you simply can’t be bothered.


7. Go light on the sauces & gravy. 
You can’t always control what food you are served at the table, but you can decide how far you go with your salt intake. Limit the sauces and gravy on your meat and vegetables to a small serving, or better yet, go without. Be mindful of those salt & pepper shakers too. Replace salty seasonings with fresh herbs and spices.


8. Celebrate the seasonal flavours.
Australia is lucky to have Christmas fall in the midst of Summer, meaning we have an abundance of fresh produce available. Trade in your mince pies, puddings and heavy snacks for fruit skewers and frozen fruits to keep yourself refreshed and full. Mangoes, Watermelon and Bananas go down well as the perfect natural Icy-pole.


9. Don’t skip meals.
It’s easy to fill up on snacks throughout the day, resulting in skipping lunch or dinner. To avoid a sugar crash, and to lessen the temptation to fill up again on treats, make sure to eat properly throughout the day. Start off by having a nutritious, filling breakfast to get you started.


10. Stay active.
It can be easy to fall into a trap of sitting down after a large meal. Make sure to stay active; invite the family out for a walk or challenge everyone to some backyard cricket. This will help your body digest your meals more easily as well as allow you to some quality time outside with the family.


Have a happy and safe holiday from Team ORGRAN!