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1 cup maize corn flour (145g)
¼ cup rice flour (45g)
¼ cup Orgran GfG - Gluten Substitute  (40g)
60 g softened margarine
⅓ cup caster sugar
1½ tbs. milk (22ml)
1 egg
½ tsp. vanilla essence
4 tsp. gluten-free baking powder (16g)
3 tsp. dry yeast

Lemon icing:

¾ cup icing sugar
2 tbs. lemon juice
½ tsp. grated lemon rind


Preheat oven to 160ºC (320°F)
Lightly grease oven tray

  1. Mix dry ingredients (except sugar) in a bowl.
  2. Rub in the margarine until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.
  3. Sift caster sugar to remove all lumps.
  4. Pour milk and sugar into a small saucepan, and stir over a low heat until sugar is dissolved and then add the vanilla essence.
  5. Lightly beat the egg, and then add to dry mixture and mix.
  6. Gradually add warm milk/sugar mix to the dry mixture and mix well.
  7. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead dough until it is smooth.
  8. Take tablespoon of the dough and roll each portion into a thin roll measuring 13 cm (5") long.
  9. Twist two rolls together, forming into a circle, and press ends together.
  10. Place on prepared oven tray(s) and bake for approx. 10-12 min or until light golden in colour.
  11. While waiting for the biscuits to bake, prepare the icing mixture. Combine icing sugar, lemon juice and lemon rind. Beat until ingredients form a smooth mixture and place aside.
  12. While still warm, dip tops of the biscuits into the lemon icing and leave to cool on a wire rack.


Gluten Free Taralli 

Meal type:
Bakery - Sweet,Snacks
Recipe type:
Preparation time:
See Method
Cooking time:
10 - 12 minutes
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