Project Description

Quinoa Puffs


ORGRAN Quinoa Puffs are a convenient and delicious breakfast to prepare that comes with the additional benefits of being high in wholegrains, low in fat and low in sugar. ORGRAN Quinoa Puffs are the perfect way to start your day.

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Brown Rice Flour, Yellow Pea Flour, Quinoa Flour (8.7%), Brown Rice Syrup, Psyllium, Stabiliser: Calcium Carbonate. Emulsifier: Monoglyceride from Vegetable. Iodised Salt, Turmeric.
Serving size: 30g
Energy Calories (kcal) per 100g 325
Energy Calories (kcal) per serving 98
Energy Kilojoules (KJ) per 100g 1362
Energy Kilojoules (KJ) per serving 409
Protein (g) per 100g 9.5
Protein (g) per serving 2.8
Carbohydrate (g) per 100g 63
Carbohydrate (g) per serving 18.9
Carbohydrate (% Daily Value) 6
Sugars (g) per 100g 4.5
Sugars (g) per serving 1.3
Starch (g) per 100g 58.5
Starch (g) per serving 17.6
Fat (g) per 100g 2.6
Fat (g) per serving 0.8
Fat (% Daily Value) 0
Saturated fat (g) per 100g 1
Saturated fat (g) per serving 0.3
Saturated fat (% Daily Value) 0
Trans fat (g) per serving 0
Fibre (g) per 100g 7.7
Fibre (g) per serving 2.3
Fibre (% Daily Value) 8
Sodium (mg) per 100g 185
Sodium (mg) per serving 55
Sodium (%Daily Value) 2
Gluten (g) per 100g 0
Gluten (g) per serving 0
Calcium (mg) per 100g 310
Calcium (mg) per serving 78
Vitamin A (%Daily Value) 0
Vitamin C (%Daily Value) 4
Iron (%Daily Value) 3
Calcium (%Daily Value) 11

Quinoa Pumpkin Puffs

  • Prep Time: 5m
  • Cook Time: 5m
  • Total Time: 10m
  • Serves: 10


  • 6 cups ORGRAN Quinoa Puffs
  • 1 package ORGRAN Molasses Licorice
  • Gluten Free Marshmallows
  • 3 tablespoons Margarine
  • Red Food Dye Colouring
  • Yellow Food Dye Colouring
  • 1 teaspoon Golden Syrup


  • Mix red and yellow colouring to make as orange colour in small bowl.
  • Melt margarine in large microwave safe bowl.
  • Add marshmallows, and heat again in microwave until soft and fluffy.
  • Put in a few drops of orange food coloring to achieve desired color.
  • Stir in ORGRAN Quinoa Puffs and mix well.
  • Using lightly greased hands, shape into small handful sized balls.
  • Place onto pan lined with parchment paper and put licorice piece in the top for a stem.